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Specialty Metals is your one-stop metal shop. We stock all materials and process them all in-shop. We offer both wholesale and direct-to-consumer products and services.

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Countersinking is a service offered to increase precision. Countersinking is creating a tapered hole drilled with a wide outer portion. This is most often done to allow the head of a countersunk bolt or screw to be below its surroundings when placed in the hole.


In addition to countersinking, we also provided counter boring, which, in contrast makes a flat-bottomed hole, potential for use with a hexagonal headed cap screws and the like. Given our great commitment to quality, we can also use countersinking to remove burrs left over from drilling and tapping operations and other cutting operations. Not only does this operation remove dangerous sharp edges, but it improves the overall quality of the drilling and tapping job please let us know if you are interested in these services.


Drilling & Tapping

Our drilling and tapping machines are used to drill and thread holes in various types of metals. Utilizing the proper drilling and tapping tools and a precise set of criteria, material type, length of thread to be made, and required tolerances our drilling and tapping machines enable the most basic to complex operations.

Tapping Arms

We offer both wholesale and direct-to-consumer options.

At Specialty Metals our Tapping Machine will take care of prep work such as reaming, chamfering, and deburring. Tap up to 2" offline with a hydraulic system! Eliminate setup in the mill and reduce material handling. Save time and money by easily articulating our tapping arm directly over the work piece.

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  • Tap

  • Chamfer

  • Ream

  • Countersink

  • Deburr

  • Nut Runner w/Torque Control

  • Hone

  • Burnish & Size

  • Drill (Soft Materials)

  • Insert Helicoils

  • Retap (Warped Heat-Treated Holes)

  • Screw Driver

  • Die Grinding

  • Stud Welder

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