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Your One Stop Metal Shop! In Business for Over 38 Years!

Specialty Metals is your one-stop metal shop. We stock all materials and process them all in-shop. We offer both wholesale and direct-to-consumer products and services.

Consistent, quality measurements

With our 12-foot, 175-ton Auto Gauge CNC-controlled precision backgauge, we can bend multiple parts to consistent measurements - so you get precise parts every time.


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Superior metal forming services

With high-tech equipment, the ability to bend all metals that are able to be formed, and experienced personnel, you can depend on Specialty Metals to form your parts to your exact specifications. We have a selection of press brake dies for different material thicknesses, bend radius sizes, and other part applications.

Metals with formable characteristics

Offering both wholesale and direct-to-consumer options.

  • .1875" thick material and thinner can be bent up to 12' lengths

  • .250" thick material can be bent up to 10' lengths

  • .375" thick material can be bent up to 5' lengths

  • Thicker metals must be verified

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Metal Forming Services Seattle WA

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