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Your One Stop Metal Shop! In Business for Over 38 Years!

Specialty Metals is your one-stop metal shop. We stock all materials and process them all in-shop. We offer both wholesale and direct-to-consumer products and services.


All cuts are made without affecting the materials' properties or the temper.

You'll be amazed at the accurate cuts made by the water jet

A water jet uses pressurized water up to 60,000 PSI to precision cut a variety of soft materials, including wood, paper, carpet, rubber, and foam. Specialty Metals adds a small amount of garnet with the water to cut harder materials such as metals, composites, stone, and glass.

All services provided are completed in-house by our experienced team of experts.

Machine shops

Allow the water jet to save your tooling by hogging out or profiling your shapes without a heat-affected zone. You can also remove the hazard of machining materials that produce harmful vapors from your shop.


Water jet cutting of pre-hardened materials eliminates the need for secondary machining, heat-treating, and stress-relieving operations. You can also eliminate the cleanup and secondary operations from laser, flame cut, or plasma cut parts with water jet cutting.

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Our water jet is capable of cutting any material, and in any contour. We recreate your CAD file with stunning results. We will reproduce your sign logos and fonts with complete accuracy.

Metal stamping, tool and die makers

Save time and money by cutting your hard-to-stamp materials with our water jet. This will also allow you to eliminate tooling costs on short-run items by having them precision cut with the water jet.

Torched or burned parts

Do you have a material that cannot be burned or perhaps is too thick? The water jet is your best solution. You'll easily eliminate the cleanup and secondary operations involved with laser, flame cut, or plasma cut parts by water jet cutting parts to your specifications.

Architectural and decorative uses

No matter what your design team comes up with, our water jet can cut it. We can cut a large variety of materials, including marble, granite, tile, Corian, ornamental irons, and brass. We can also cut intricate patterns in brushed or polished stainless steel.

Water Jet Cutting Auburn WA Metal Cutting Kent WA stainless cutting Seattle WA

Our water jet can machine any known materials, including:

  • Plastics and rubbers

  • Composite and laminates

  • Forging and castings

  • Aluminum and stainless steels

  • Hardened or tool steel

  • Heat-sensitive materials

  • Synthetics that may release harmful vapors with other cutting methods

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